Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review and Swatch: Nyx Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Medium

Heya, fellow make up addicts! Last month I was trying to find a good and affordable concealer to wear on daily basis. I decided to purchase Nyx Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer through an online shop. I chose the shade medium or cj05. It is affordable, yes. But let us see how this concealer performs!

The container is just so so.
Nothing surprising.
It's small, but it's not fragile.
It has a screw cap.
It contains 6gr (0.21oz) of the product.

It will be hard if you try to apply this concealer by using your fingers because of the consistency of the product which is rather solid, yet creamy when applied. You have to use your concealer brush to apply it, besides it is more hygienic that way. Remember, after dotting the concealer on your skin using a brush, don't rub it in. Instead, dab it or pat it on gently with your fingers so that it blends well.

The shade medium looks very beige in the jar, but actually it has a peach undertone when swatched. The shade disappoints me a bit because it lacks the yellow tone which I need to cover up my blue-violet under-eye circles, so definitely it cannot be used on my under-eyes. Then what happens if I stubbornly apply it there? It will make me have unnatural grayish under-eyes circles, so not pretty :s
However, this product still works to cover my light blemish scars (not heavy ones!) and to create a cupid bow on my lips.
Here's the color swatch!

Nyx claims that this concealer is lightweight and crease free. On the jar, it is written,
"Provides smooth, long lasting coverage so you can pretend the word 'concealer' doesn't exist in your dictionary!"
Well, in my opinion, it is lightweight, smooth, and could be crease free (remember to moisturize properly before application and set it with a powder!). However, it is not long lasting. It stays for 3 to 4 hours on my oily skin, then it disappears into thin air without a trace :( I don't fancy re-applying concealers. I want one which stays put even on stormy days! Lol
By the way, I want you to see the coverage of this concealer through these photos. My cute cousin has again been so willingly to be an unpaid model for me. Haha Love you, little cousin :*

Prior to application
Please excuse her proud blemish scars and the black heads ^ ^' On this photo, she only has a moisturizer on her skin.

After bb cream and concealer application
You can see that it doesn't completely cover the blemish scars, even when it is used after the application of a bb cream. So, hello Nyx, you claim this to be a full coverage concealer like its name, but?? It's not full coverage at all! It's rather sheer.
Will I repurchase this? I still don't know, but if I happen to purchase this again, I might try the yellow color that they have on the shade range.
Well then, this is the end of the review. Thank you for reading. I hope it helps. Stay pretty, ladies :*


  1. The concealer looks a bit too dark dor her skin? No? Maybe it is the picture. Hmm i have never tried nyx concealer.

    1. it looks a bit dark on the swatch. but when blended out, it's rather light and it suits her skintone. the problem is just the sheer coverage which doesn't cover well.

  2. thanks for the review, i actually thinking on buying this because i need a concealer, good lha u post this so i dont make any wrong choice hehehe

    1. ya welcome and i'm glad to help you lha :) hehe
      thanx for visiting!

  3. how much is it sista?

    foll back my blog yah

    1. di ol shop paling 70 ribuan seingetku ^ ^
      thanx for visiting, i'll check it out.

  4. great post! :)
    ini cocok buat shade berapa ya kira kira kalo di shade nya MAC?
    btw cmiiw nih setauku peach concealer justru bagus buat dark under eye lho *karna corrector nya si mba bobbi brown warna peach untuk under eye nya* hehe cmiiw yak..

    1. thanx! kalo kata askmewhats sih ini cocok buat yg nc 30.
      iya sist, kalo uratnya ijo ini cocok buat under eye concealer, tp aku baru nyadar kalo urat2 disekitar mataku warnanya agak biru2 keunguan, jd pas kupake warnanya jd off gitu,,ga bagus :( huweee ntar aku coba concealer peach yg lain deh untuk mastiin. hehe thanx ya dilla :)

  5. Green concealer is better to cover scars...

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